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morePheus³ FCE

When it comes to the combination of mobility and professional usage, the morePheus³ FCE is the ultimate fully integrated 3D projection system on the market. Its flexibility and wide spectrum of options make it the ideal candidate for trade shows, corporate events, team centres and customer presentations.
A modular approach to 3D.

The morePheus³ FCE suits all your 3-D projection needs. It comes with a number of configurable modules. You may swap the projection modules, use different 3D workstations and even add a powerful BOSE®sound system to the pack - all modules are neatly stacked and interlocked to create a stunning 3D experience on the fly.

With the morePheus³ FCE the choice is always yours. It may be combined with backprojection and front projection screens in all sizes or even in a stand alone configuration. If you have to cope with daylight situations or trade show lighting you might go for a closed back projection extension like the morePheus³ flex screen. In darker environments a front projection is set up within minutes. All screens are available in various sizes. The choice is yours.

Default Configuration

  • 3D presentation meets mobility
  • Up to 6500ANSI Lumen and 1920x1200px per projector
  • 19'' Workstation integrated
  • Running Windows 7 or 8
  • moreStereo3D for realtime application conversion
  • moreMediaHD and a 3D BluRay player for media playback
  • 2.1 BOSE Soundsystem
  • Wireless Keyboad and mouse with 30m
  • Optional: Short-Throw Lenses

Complete means complete

When we call a projection system complete, we mean it. The morePheus³ FCE comes with everything you will ever need to create stunning 3-D presentations. It does not only contain a powerful 3-D projection unit, but also an equally powerful professional 19” workstation that has everything pre installed.

moreMedia HD plays all your 3-D movies and images, may be controlled remotely by IP or RS-232. Optionally a BluRay3D Player and Demultiplexer can be integrated into your FCE.

moreStereo3D turns most 3D-applications normally flat applications into a vivid 3D Stereo experience.


Projector Options

  • 2 x SXGA+, interchangeable lens, 4000 ANSI
  • 2 x HD1080p, interchangeable lens, 5000 ANSI
  • 2 x HD1080p, interchangeable lens, 7000 ANSI, Dual Light System
  • 2 x WQXGA 2560x1600, 6500 ANSI

Audio Configuration

  • Standard dimension: 541mm x 694mm x 226mm
  • Size individually adapted to projection unit
  • 2.1 BOSE Soundsystem
  • Integrated subwoofer
  • Touch sensitive rotary/off- volume control

FCE-Flightcase „Core“ configuration

  • 19'' Workstation grade computer preinstalled
  • Two 19” drawers for accessoires
  • Free-Air mouse and keyboard with 30m range
  • Standard dimensions 541mm x 694mm x 545mm
  • Dimensions adapted individually to projection unit
  • Optionally: Additional workstation
  • Optionally: moreStereo3D Software
  • Optionally: moreMediaHD Software
  • Optionally: ART Smarttrack Trackingsystem

Screen Options: Front Projection

  1. 4:3 – e.g. 4000mm x 3000mm)
  2. 16:9 - e.g. 3550mm x 2000mm)
  3. 16:10 - e.g. 4800mm x 3000mm)

Screen Options: Back Projection

  • 4:3 - e.g. 2800mm x 2100mm
  • 16:9 - e.g. 2800mm x 1680mm)
  • Other screen sizes are available upon request

If you would like further information about the morePheus³, the more3D team stands at your disposal. You can contact us via email under info@more3d.com or via telephone under +49 (0)221 677 87 97 0.