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3D Stereo Presentation wins

3D Stereo presentation is the state-of-the-art tool for customer approval. Yet the requirement of a specially prepared and cost intensive presentation room often poses a hurdle. But not anymore: with the new morePheus³ UP your inhouse and remote presentation room becomes a nextgen VR review center.



  • Complete System: Laptop, 3D projector und accessoires
  • Safe Storage: polypropylen case IP67 certified
  • Setup time of five minutes
  • 3D Projection up to 3m (118inch) width
  • Works on every white wall
  • 3000 ANSI White and Color light output at 1280x800px
  • Dimensions: 56x35x23cm (22 x 14,8 x 9 inch)
  • Weight: 11kg (24lbs) - fits every hand lugagge

Your travelling companion

The unique wheelcase houses all components for your successful presentation securely. From impacts to splash water - the cases’ military grade protection certification guarantees for safe transport. Especially when travelling the UP proves its thoughtful design: it is small enough to fit a plane’s hand luggage.

Handchosen components - completely modular

Its not just a strong casing what makes the UP a unique presentation tool. Furthermore its the brilliance of all parts combined. The 3000ANSI lumen projector and the distance to image width ratio of 1.3 to 1m gives a big and vivid 3D stereo image - even in the sunniest daylight.  It is a system build to last: a 4.000 hour lamp lifetime guarantee for sustained benefit. One of the morePheus³ UP's biggest advantages is its customizeability, the case will adapt to any need. Bigger projector, faster workstation or simply more 3D glasses - with the UP your components are safe.


System Configuration

  • US military grade certified wheelcase
  • Laptop with fast graphics board (For details please inquire)
  • moreStereo3D Premium preinstalled
  • HD1080p compatible 3D projector
  • 4 pairs of 3D glasses
  • 5m HDMI connection cable

Perfect 3D stereo presentation

Together with the universal 3D Stereo Software Plugin moreStereo3D the morePheus³ UP finally makes the third dimension of your currently in -use application perceptible, anywhere. The moreStereo3D software plugin comverts many major applications instantly to 3D Stereo. Whilst you see the application GUI in monoscopic 3D the customer is presented with 3D Stereo - on the morePheus³ UP. Excite your customers and collegues with a 3D stereo visualisation which not just enhances the understanding of complex relations but also has a sales-promoting effect.

Our Experience - Your Advantage

With over 10 years of experience more3D has build this system to literally give out of the box 3D Stereo presentations with a setup time of less than five minutes. Containing all components and accessoires the morePheus³ UP gives you a beneficial and easy-to-use tool for convincing presentations, in your office as well as at your customers’.


Case features

  • Dimensions: 56x35x23cm (22 x 14,8 x 9 inch)
  • Weight: 11kg (24lbs) - fits every hand lugagge
  • Customizeable branding
  • Ultra durable, ball-bearing wheels
  • Ergonomic grip
  • Gasketed, waterproof and dust-tight
  • Certifications: ATA category 1 rated; MIL-STD-810F; MIL-STD-C-4150J; MIL-STD-648C


If you would like further information about the morePheus³ mobile EXP, the more3D team stands at your disposal. You can contact us via email under or via telephone under +49 (0)221 677 87 97 0.


With over 10 years of experience, more3D provides unique stereoscopic software and solutions to clients from industry, trade and media.