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moreStereo 3D

The universal 3D Stereo Plugin

The new moreStereo 3D V6 is the most versatile stereo generation software on the market. It gives customers the ability to show major 3D applications in vivid 3D stereo. Seeing a virtual environment or product so real that you want to touch it is a key advantage for critical engineering reviews as well as for exciting customer presentations. Simply enable the 3D Stereo Plugin moreStereo3D and benefit from the spatial visualization.



  • Shows major 3D applications in 3D stereo
  • Seamlessly integrates into exisiting environments
  • Ideal for Architecture, Planning, CAD, Simulation
  • High End customer 3D-presentations
  • Connects to all 3D-Displays, -TV's or -projectors
  • Platform: Windows 7, 8 and 10 32/64-bit
  • 4K 3840x2160 compatible
  • Works like a Stereo 3D Plugin

Shows major 3D applications in 3D Stereo

From kitchen planning software on regular PC’s to CAD on professional 64 Bit Workstations – no matter what application you are using – moreStereo 3D will turn it into 3D stereo in an instant. Unlike “3D gaming drivers”, moreStereo 3D is targeted to professional users that require 3D stereo from within the application, full control of the 3D stereo effect and advanced features for virtual reality projections.


Ideal for Architecture, Planning, CAD/CAM, VR or Simulation

The key benefit of moreStereo 3D is that you will not have to change the software you like to work with. moreStereo3D is designed to work like a 3D Stereo Plugin for your software. No import-export hassles to worry about. Anyone working with 3D software from kitchen planning, architecture, CAD/CAM packages to VR or simulation will instantly benefit from an additional life-like 3D-stereo output. Quickly check engineering models in 3D stereo on your laptop or put real estate customers in their new virtual home – anything is possible. Download a trial version today and see how moreStereo 3D works in your application.

Allows for engineering and customer 3D-presentations

We have built in a unique “3D to full screen mode” into moreStereo 3D. This mode is perfect for customer presentations. It allows users to work in their 3D environment, such as CAD/CAM, planning or simulation applications while only the “good looking” 3D output is converted to 3D stereo and played on a separate 3D display, power wall or stereo projection. Even a quick 3D stereo glance at the 3D model you are working in on e.g. on a laptop is done in an instant.

Connects to all 3D-Displays, -TV’s or -projectors

moreStereo 3D supports a large number of stereoscopic output devices to fit every budget and viewing environment. From 3D in a laptop to 27” 3D desktop displays, 65” 3D TV’s or active or passive stereo projection, including INFITEC and polarized - everything is possible. Even many autostereoscopic monitors with no need for glasses are supported. New ones may be added easily through our openASD display definition standard. There is no more versatile 3D stereo software on the market. The moreStereo3D 3D Stereo Plugin creates output for nearly every 3D capable device - and new output modes are added regulary.

Professional established platform: Windows 7, 8 and 10 32/64-Bit

Most of our clients have their professional applications run on well established software platforms, such as Windows 7 32/64Bit. We cater to that need and will continue to support these platforms. At the same time our QA team assures the compatibility to the newest updates of new Windows versions. The licensing model fits many corporate needs from single licenses to volume or site licenses and makes it an ideal addon to instantly enhance your digital life.

moreStereo 3D V7 Premium Upgrade

What's new in moreStereo3D V7?

  • more Compatible
  • more Independent
  • more Versatile

The new moreStereo3D Premium gives our customers the ability to create vivid 3D stereo on professional plattforms, become independent of a specific graphics board manufacturer and output 3D on more 3D devices than ever before.

more Compatible

Targeted to the professional markets the new moreStereo3D Premium adds a feature that has been requested for months. With support for Windows 7, 8 and 10 64-Bit editions it can now run on current workstations. Direct 3D and OpenGL applications are converted in realtime into true 3D stereo. The 3D output graphics can now be sent to the majority 3D compatible devices as secondary screen. Furthermore moreStereo3D now provides 3D Stereo presets to ensure your applications look great in 3D and the stereoscopic effect is well adjusted.

more Independent

System integrators will appreciate the new graphics board independence - moreStereo3D will now run on any graphics board that is powerful enough to create two (or more) perspectives instead of one. The minimum requirement is support for OpenGL 1.5 and Direct-X 9.0c. We recommend professional grade graphics cards for OpenGL based applications and gaming grade graphics cards for Direct 3D based applications. 

more3D recommends AMD FirePro Series and Nvidia Quadro Series.

more Versatile

We have added more stereoscopic output features to enable the "3D to full screen mode" which is great for customer presentations. It allows users to work in their 3D environment, such as CAD/CAM, planning or simulation applications while only the "good looking" 3D output is converted to stereoscopic 3D and played on a seperate 3D stereo display, powerwall or stereo projection.

As a bonus we support many autostereoscopic displays requiring more than 2 perspectives. More devices can be easily added by display manufacturers using our openASD editor. This makes adding a 3D display as your second 3D only display a breeze!


  • Garphical control panel for stereo effect adjustment
  • Stereo effect settings ar saved per application
  • 3D Stereo presets for many applications
  • Generate 3D stereo screenshot with one button
  • Supports applications with multiple 3D viewports
  • Autofocus for OpenGL
  • Test Screen Generator for easy projector alignment
  • Switch stereo effect on and off with one button
  • Runs just like a 3D stereo driver in the background
  • Hotkeys for stereo toggle, control panel, test screen
  • Many supported output devices (see at bottom)

The Controlpanel

The Control Panel controls the position and strength of the 3D effect generated by the 3D Stereo Plugin

Maximum 3D effect for objects behind Z-Back

Maximum 3D effect for objects in front of Z-Front

% out of screen
Amount of scene that appears out of screen

Max 3D-Depth
Overall strength of the 3-D effect

Current / Selected Window No
Lets you select the OpenGL Window to convert to Stereo3D

Enable or disable automatic adjustment of Z-Front and Z-Back

System Requirements

  • Windows Operating System
  • fast graphics board with at least Pixel Shader 2.0 support
  • For OpenGL: Nvidia Quadro or AMD FirePro recommended

Operating Systems

  • Windows 7 32 & 64-bit
  • Windows 8 32 & 64-bit
  • Windows 10 32 & 64-bit

Output Formats

The available output devices depend on your license version. For an overview take a look at this table:
(click to enlarge)



If you need further information, please don’t hesitate to contact us. With over 10 years of experience, more3D provides unique stereoscopic software and solutions to clients from education, industry, trade and media.