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3D mixed media player for professionals: moreMediaHD

moreMedia HD 1.6 is the most advanced stereoscopic player on the market today. It plays 2D and 3D images, films and mixed playlists to create vivid live like 3D stereo presentations from 3D-TV’s to multi channel projections for professionals and consumers alike. Optionally customers get access to the first 3D streaming channels to distribute 2D and 3D media world wide.


  • Plays 3D slide shows, films and mixed playlists
  • Superfast stereoscopic 4K playback engine
  • Smart and comfortable browser and playlist
  • Connects to all 3D-Displays, TV's or -projectors

Plays 3D slide shows, -films and mixed playlists

moreMedia HD does not stop with just 3D films. It plays 2D and 3D images and regular films and even brings its own media format to combine multiple files, such as dual channel 3D with separate audio tracks. All these items may be put together into playlists to create stunning manual 3D presentations or to automatically run the 3D shows in your exhibition or installation. As a bonus moreMedia HD comes with the option to remote control playback via Windows Media Remote or even a Media control panel (RS-232 or TCP).

Superfast stereoscopic 4K playback engine

Our high speed stereoscopic 4K compatible playback engine is superior to that of many other stereoscopic players. With unrivalled performance it allows to output two simultaneous HD1080p or 4K channels even on smaller machines – an Intel Quad Core with a fast graphics chip will do the job.

Smart and comfortable browser and playlist

The built-in media browser and playlist will make live handling of stereoscopic media a breeze. Simply drag and drop media files into the viewer to play them back instantly or drop them into the playlist to create a complete presentation including fade in and out times or image duration. Playlists may be saved and loaded, put into auto start or double clicked from the desktop for instant playback.

Connects to all 3D-Displays, -TV’s or -projectors

moreMedia HD comes with powerful output options that meet the needs of professional  users. Play 3D media on a regular notebook, hook up a new 3D-TV or even a multi channel passive projection plus another monitor for the moreMedia HD user interface. Professionals, small cinemas and event technicians will appreciate the built in Deghosting and INFITEC color correction filters.

moreMedia HD Upgrade

General Changes

  • Performance and Stability have been improved
  • The settings dialog now opens on the same screen as the main application
  • Stability of the active shutter mode has been improved
  • Scaling problems with asian languages have been fixed
  • Higher DPI Settings in Windows 7 are now supported
  • When using anaglyph output, the preview will now use the same anaglyph type as the full-screen instead of using the predefined preview anaglyph
  • The remoting-command "load [filename]" now only loads the file without starting playback

Changes in Playlist feature

  • Fade-In and Fade-Out of images and videos has been reworked.
  • Fade-Out time now starts correctly and no longer adds to the display-time of images.
  • Drag and drop handling has been improved.
  • Image andvideo format editors have been reworked.
  • Some minor display-errors regarding background music items have been fixed.
  • The order of items on a playlist should now be handled properly when adding new items.
  • A bug has been fixed that occurred when entering invalid values for start or stop time.

As a bonus we have added more output formats that will support the latest 3D-TV sets, e.g. from Panasonic, Samsung or LG and more.

Technical Details


  • All-in-one mixed 2D and 3D media player
  • Superfast 2 x Full HD and 2K playback
  • Built in comfortable browser for supported file types
  • Playlist with fade in/out and playback timing
  • Custom background image if nothing is played
  • Background audio files for slide shows
  • Unique graphical Output configuration
  • Support for multiple graphics boards
  • Up to 3 graphics outputs (e.g. 1 control + L/R channels)
  • Uses filters and codecs installed on your system
  • The codec configurator allows to select preferred codecs

File Formats

  • Media formats: MP4, H.264, WMV, MPEG2, MPEG4, GIF, JPG, JPS, BMP, custom formats manually addable
  • 3-D formats: Dual File, Over/Under (Top/Down), Side by Side, Side by Side anamorph

Output Formats

The available output devices depend on your license version. For an overview take a look at this table:
(click to enlarge)


System Requirements

For 1080p Content

  • Dual Core CPU with at least 1,8GHz
  • 1 GB system memory
  • fast graphics board with at least Pixel Shader 2.0 support

For 4K Content


  • Quad Core CPU with at least 3,0GHz
  • 4 GB system memory
  • fast graphics board with at least Pixel Shader 2.0 support


Supported Operating Systems

  • Windows XP 32 & 64-bit
  • Windows Vista 32 & 64-bit
  • Windows 7 32 & 64-bit
  • Windows 8 32 & 64-bit