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Convincing Movies for your application

Not everyone who has a cellphone with videofunction will produce a movie and that’s the same with 3D movies.

That’s the job for a Professional.
Not only the look is important for a movie.
The 3D movie of today has to have an interesting story, a good didactic conditioning, the right rising tension and of course the use of the 3D Stereoeffects to assist the story.

We at more 3D produce movies for the Industrie, for museums, marketing and entertainment.
Most of our movies were shown in rooms because of the undexpected “Aha- effect”, which is giving you the movie in a room, while watching a 3D movie.

Did we wake your interest? - Let us know and our skilled team will make you an offer.

We are looking forwards hearing from you!

The Process

Lets assume you would like to, for instance, present your guests with an impressive and high quality presentation at your next event. You have decided to use stereoscopic projections for the visual elements which will leave a lasting visual impression and mesmerise your audience that evening. Ideas for the proceedings are not a problem - start with an introductory speech, then a magnificent opener, followed by music and dancing, and an overwhelming finale in which the new product is unveiled. Only item missing on the agenda are stunningly evocative images and the evening would be a complete success, you are assured of that. But where to get those in a tight spot?

That is where we come in. No, we won't steal the images for you. But we invite you to come and sit down with us. Together we will tease the maximum out of your concept and develop a story.

You do not have a concept? Well, lets create one together. An experienced team will find surprising ways to bring your requirements to life, leaving your audience with an overwhelmingly positive visual experience.

As soon as we have found the story, it will be refined and extended, tailored to your needs. We then present it to you, fitting and adjusting where there is too much or not enough, exactly as you have come to expect from a custom tailor for example.

Once we have found the best fit, we retreat to our workshop to commence production. An expert team of accomplished film designers and producers is assembled who will more than meet your requirements, being adept at dealing artfully with the most exotic images.

During production, there are so-called milestones in which intermediate steps are presented and you can make changes, e.g. should you want the 'blue trousers' after all instead of the 'red' ones. In the end, all you have to do is come by for coffee and cake and watch the final dress rehearsal. If you like what you see, you can take it with you there and then, ready packaged. If you have hesitations about your 'fitted' movie, we will make sure that all your concerns are addressed and amended before we give it to you. In an extreme case we take it back to production, yet our customers were always 100% happy with the results.


If you would like further information about our services, the more3D team stands at your disposal. You can contact us via email under info@more3d.com or via telephone under +49 (0)221 677 87 97 0. With over 10 years of experience, more3D provides unique stereoscopic software and solutions to clients from industry, trade and media.