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3D to touch

Many products, sevices or exciting knowledge can only be experienced interactivly in a 3D simulation.
Interaction actives the viewer, invites them to play and to make their own experiences.
The interaction also mediates declaracions more then a regular movie.

Interactive presentations are often used in museums, on building projects or at fairs to show the people the 3 Dimension of each certain thing.
It is always a great experience for those who will take the time and try these things in a 3D simulation.

more3D uses the same visual Instrument like they do for a regular Movie production. In contrast to ordinary films the story, objects and pictures are not being converted into a readymade sequence but transferred into a so called real- time- engine in which the interactive operations are then being determined. Nearly everything that can stylistically be done in a film can be done here, ranging from sketches, technical looks to photo- realistic depictions of products.

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