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Use Cases

On this page you will find an overview of different applications for 3D stereo systems. There is certainly something for you, how you can utilize and profitably apply such amazing opportunities for yourself and/ or your company.


Deep adventures

Film presentations with movie atmosphere by separate handling of the film software. While the audience enjoys the presentation, the organization and execution by moreMedia HD happens in the background.

Immersion in research and development

The 3sided round projection, including motion detection (tracking) of the user, allows the customer to immerse in the simulation and provides sharp and detailed images for the analysis of complex technical and physic

Project work on a grand scale

With the combination of display and projection system the work can directly be checked on its spatial effect. With a side length of only 32cm, the morePheus³ mobile EXP generates an image of up to 3m in the diagonal.

The fast and the curious customers

Pure racing experience by the 3D stereo driving simulator by more3D for events and fairs-adrenalin rush is guaranteed. Economical in use but powerful in its effect. Complete with vibration transmission through woofer board, racing seat and sport handlebar

Eye-catcher 3D Stereo

Large presentations on events and fairs are an eye-catcher even across several stands. So you make the visitors targeted to your offer and guide customers to your stand.

Leadership through foresighted planning

The panoramic projection in immersive 3D makes the presentation immediately to a “grasping” experience. Especially the technical planning requires high precision and foresight.

New dimensions

New dimensions
Upright presentation solutionin the building visualization permits the proportional representation of the project under the full utilization of available space. Due to the unusual format of the screen you can be sure to draw attention at your presentation

Mobile, compact: high-performance

Convenient, portable and flexible - even for professional presentations on the road – the morePheus ³ mobile EXP can be easily operated and set up. For mobile projection with high demands on design and quality.

Everything at a glance

3D displays at the workplace without forgoing the usual working environment. The systems of more3D make it possible. Verify your project at any time in 3D stereo.

If you would like further information about the potential markets, the more3D team stands at your disposal. You can contact us via email under or via telephone under +49 (0)221 677 87 97 0. With over 10 years of experience, more3D provides unique stereoscopic software and solutions to clients from industry, trade and media.