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morePheus³ mobile EXP – for content productions

The morePheus³ mobile EXP is the most economical tool for medium sized 3D - previews and screenings. It enables the validation of stereoscopic images directly from the camera or from a rendering-pc on set. Avoid expensive errors and ensure the professionalism of your work in studio or life environments.


  • Elegantly designed 3D-projection system
  • Easy transport in trolly case
  • Ready to use in just 5 minutes
  • 3D projection of up to 3m width
  • Even without screen fully operative
  • Perfect for client presentations and 3D screenings

The production of stereoscopic content is a challenge for graphic artists. The final depth of the scene can often only be determined on screen after rendering and composing an anaglyph preview.

While the color quality of such a solution is very dissatisfying it is essential to see a larger picture in 3D stereo to get a feeling for the true depth perception. Finally the new morePheus³ mobile EXP offers a solution to stereographers, camera teams, graphic artists or production teams.

Artists add a second graphics board to their workstation and connect the new morePheus³ mobile EXP – done! All certified software packages (see below) can be configured to provide a live 3D preview on the morePheus³ mobile EXP, while you are working.

On top of that the built-in INFITEC filter system allows projecting the 3D stereo image onto any bright surface. At a live film shooting the morePheus³ mobile EXP with the appropriate signal converter can be connected directly as a life screening system.

The sturdy trolley made of aluminum with a twofold lockable telescope rod contains the morePheus³ mobile EXP with two projectors und filters including 5 pairs of INFITEC glasses.

Hardware and visual system

  • INFITEC-Filters and 5 pairs of INFITEC-glasses
  • Cushioned aluminium-trolley
  • Two projectors: image resolution W-XGA (1280x768 pixels)
  • Image size: 1m width per 1.10m projection distance
  • Dimensions: projection unit 320x320x320mm
  • Optional: moreStereo3D Premium - software for direct stereoscopy playback of DirectD-applications / OpenGL-applications
  • Optional: moreMedia HD Premium - software for mixed playback of 2D- and 3D-moves and pictures