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Eduard Kinas and Carmen Kinas

About more3D

more3D is a technology company located in Cologne, Germany. For over ten years we have specialized exclusively in the realization of complex ideas into 3D stereo - whether interactive as a 3D movie or purely as an immersive system for your own content.

A unique software based on a more3D patent converts standard 3D applications into 3D stereo. Renowned customers all over the world use more3D systems due to their flexibility in engineering, marketing and exhibitions.

more3D is among the very few companies for 3D stereo technology that offer a complete solution from hardware to stereo content. Since then the core team continued to research develop and to market innovative technologies around 3D stereo. All their activities share the goal to enhance the attractiveness and realism of the 3D experience and to generate whole new markets.

Or translated into non marketing mambo-jambo: This basically means we create 3D projection systems for professionals and stereoscopic movies for industry, marketing and whoever shows love for it.

Since 2012 Eduard and Carmen Kinas lead more3D - empowering new inventions and closer to your needs and desires as ever before.