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META in 3D Stereo

The guide is designed to be brief and yet covering all needed steps on how to enable the 3D Stereo Plugin for META. This is a one-time setup and not needed to be repeated once setup properly.

I. Prepare the 3D Stereo Plugin

1) Please install moreStereo3D.

2) Start moreStereo3D.

II. Configure the 3D Stereo Plugin for META

3) Right click the moreStereo3D Tray Icon (next to your system time) and select "more3D Stereo Enabler"

4) Click the "Locate known Apps" Button. The more3D stereo enabler will search the folders "C:\Program Files" and "C:\Program Files (x86)" for your META installation and you can apply the 3D Stereo Plugin for META.

In case you have installed META into a non-standard installation directory, please continue with step 5). If the more3D Stereo Enabler found your META installation properly, please continue on step 8)

5) Click the "Add Application" Button.

6) Navigate to your META directory. E.g. "F:\Program Files\BETA_CAE_Systems\meta_post_v15.3.1\". Then open the subdirectory "win64" (Potentially "win32" for 32-Bit versions of the application). The complete path should look close to this: "F:\Program Files\BETA_CAE_Systems\BETA_CAE_Systems\meta_post_v15.3.1\win64"

7) Select the file "meta_post.exe" and press "Open".

8a) Please set "Application Version" to "Win32" for a 32-Bit version of META. Set "Graphic Library" to "OpenGL" and check the "Enabled"-Checkbox. Press "Save and Close".

8b) Please set "Application Version" to "Win64"for a 64-Bit version of META. Set "Graphic Library" to "OpenGL" and check the "Enabled"-Checkbox. Press "Save and Close".

III. Start META and configure it for 3D Stereo

9) Finally its time to start META. Open any model and enable the perspective view.

Now META is perfectly configured to work in Stereo3D mode.

If you every feel like resetting your stereo setup of the moreStereo3D software for META, here's a screenshot of our recommended setting:

META running in 3D Stereo with moreStereo3D

Are you not sure how to create a good 3D effect or how to use the in-app panel? Find out how in this tutorial video (6 minutes):

If you have any questions or require technical assistance, please do not hestiate to contact

moreStereo3D provides 3D Stereo for glasses-free 3D displays, 3D Monitors, 3D TVs, 3D Projectors and even Head Mounted Displays from within your application.